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ZTZ-99 1;35

adopts the domestic WR703/150HB series diesel engine with a maximum output of 1200 horsepower, it abandoned the original Russian Goose egg type casting turret, and adopted the Western-style welding turret to enhance the protection, The basic armor of the turret is a constrained ceramic composite armor, and there is also a laser suppression system at the back of the turret, which can interfere with the work of the enemy laser range finder or blind the infantry. In terms of firepower, the type 99 main battle tank uses the self-developed 125mm smoothbore tank gun. It can launch three different types of projectiles, including armor-piercing fin stabilized discarding sabot (APFSDS), HEAT, and HE-FRAG projectiles. It is equipped with laser-guided anti-tank missile system, its fire control system is composed of laser range finder, trajectory computer, gunner stable optical sight, gun bidirectional stability and control instrument and various sensors, and is equipped with a second-generation thermal imager.

As the new generation of China's main battle tank,ZTZ-99 is at the same level as the Western M1A2 and Leopard 2A6.

Main performance parameters: crew: 3, length: 7.3 meters, width: 3.5 meters, height: 2.37 meters, weight: 51-58 tons / unit weight Horsepower: 27-28 horse power / ton, suspension system: torsion rod Suspension plus impeller hydraulic shock absorber, maximum off-road speed: 46 kilometers / hour, maximum road speed: more than 65(99 type) / 70 (99A), maximum road mileage: 450 km, maximum off-road mileage: 310 km, armor : Ceramic composite armor, double anti-reaction armor.



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