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Krupp Protze L2H143 Kfz.69 (Late version) with 3.7cm Pak 36
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The Krupp-Protze, Kfz.69 was designed in 1929 as a 6x4 heavy field car for the German Army. But changing priorities led to it being re-designed and produced as an artillery tractor. The Krupp designation was L2H43 and the first examples left the factory in 1934, the early examples were powered by an air-cooled 53hp 3.3 Liter Krupp M 302 engine. The body was designed to seat six. Driver and assistant as well as the gun crew, with provision for ammunition

and tools. This version was produced until 1936 when it was replaced by the L2H143 with more powerful 60hp engine and slightly longer wheel base. About 7,000 Krupp-Protze trucks were built with the majority being the Kfz.69, with small numbers of other variants using the same chassis. Production ended in 1941 in favor of small half-track tractors with better off-road mobility.
The Kfz.69 was used to tow the 3.7cm PaK.36 anti-tank gun, designed originally in 1924 as a horse-drawn artillery piece. In the early 1930's the carriage was redesigned for motor transport and the Kfz.69 developed as its primary tractor. The PaK.36 could penetrate 31mm of armour at 500 meters, which was more than enough to penetrate most of the lightly armoured tanks of the period. It was used in Poland, France, North Africa and Russia up until 1942 when it was replaced by larger guns. With the demise of the PaK.36 the Kfz.69 was often used to tow small 2cm and 3.7cm anti-aircraft guns.
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