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Hungarian Medium Tank 43.M Turán III
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The spring of 1943, experienced a defeat in the battle of Stalingrad, the Hungarian people know that they made the 1 and 2 series "Turan" medium tank is not provided against the Soviet armored forces on the battlefield strength. In addition to gaining a limited supplement from Germany, they urgently need to improve and upgrade their existing equipment."Turan" 3 medium tank in this context is the improvement.It is equipped with a German Kwk40 type 75 mm tank gun (Hungary named 75mm 43M/L55), carrying 32 shells.The gun has an initial speed of 770 M / s and can strike a 76 millimeter steel plate with a 60 degree angle at a distance of 500 meters.In order to carry a gun, a Hungarian designed new turret at the rear and additional cupola."Turan" 3 tank increases the armor thickness of the whole vehicle, the front side of the car body and the gun shield reached 75 mm, 35 mm in the body side; additional armor on both sides of the turret and hull each with 8 mm.Similar to the former two, the vehicle's power system is still a WM V-8H engine, and its maximum speed down to 39 km, due to a large increase in body weight.In February 1944, the Wizz Manfredcompany completed the first "Turan"3 tank.The mass production of the car has never begun because of the shortage of materials, lack of manpower, the invasion of the Hungarian native and the Allied air strikes in the war.The only model was unidentified in the war.

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